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Post  RickRoll on Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:20 pm

Ventrilo Server is now up and running!

Here are the information you need to join us in vent:

1 ) Download Ventrilo from here;
2 ) How to install you can check here;
3 ) On the step Client - Quick Setup here are the 3 things you need to know:
3.1 ) Hostname or IP address:
3.2 ) Port number: 12693
3.3 ) Server password: secretleveling
4 ) Now that you know these 3 pieces of information you can proceed to the rest of the configuration
Quick Setup wrote:quick setup.

1 ) Start the ventrilo program. Click on the Start button, click on Programs and then click on Ventrilo. This will display another menu option called Ventrilo that will start the actual program.

2 ) Click on the "->" button that is next to the first pulldown window called "User Name". This will open a new window where you can create a logon name to be used when connecting to a server.

3 ) Click the "New" button. This will open a small window where you can enter your logon name. The name you enter is entirely up to you. It can be your real name or a nick name.

4 ) Click the "OK" button. You can come back to this window and click on the help button later on if you want more detailed information about what the other options mean and how to use them.

5 ) Now that we are back to the main window click on the "->" button that is next to the pulldown window called "Server". This will open a new window where you can enter the details about the server you would like to connect to.

6 ) Click the "New" button. This will open a small window where you can enter a name that will describe the new server definition. The name can be anything you want it to be like: "My server" or "Joe's server". When entering a server name you don't need the quotes around it. These server names will show up in the main Ventrilo window.

7 ) Click "OK".

8 ) Click on the "Hostname or IP" input box and enter the server hostname or IP address given to you by the person hosting the server.

9 ) Click on the "Port number" input box and enter the servers port number. The program will automatically display the default port number of 3784 but you can change this to what ever the server needs it to be.

10 ) Click on the "Password" input box and enter the servers password as defined by the server administrator.

11 ) Click "OK" to return to the Ventrilo main window.

12 ) Click "Connect" to establish a connection between you and the server you just defined.

13 ) You should also click on the Setup button and configure all of the different options that control Ventrilo. This is very important when it comes to controlling the microphone or input source. Once in the Setup dialog click on the "Help" button. Be sure to read what all of the options are and what they mean. This is very important for the Voice page.
5 ) There is a widget on the forum with a link where you can donate to the server or just click here.

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